Tarnow - Renaissance Treasure

The Old Town
The Old Town
The Cathedralbasilica
The Cathedralbasilica
The Old Town
The Old Town
Town Hall
Town Hall

Rennaisance Trail (up to 3h)

  • The Market Square with beautiful Town Hall and XVIth century Tenant Houses
  • Tombs and wall sarcophagus accomplished by Italian geniuses: Bartholomew Berecci, Gianmaria Mosca of Padova and Santi Gucci
  • Florence House
  • The so colled: Mikolajowski House that connects two architectonic styles
  • City walls with a semi-tower

Jewish Trail (up to 3h)

  • Jewish district: former shops and houses
  • Bimah - the remainings of the oldest Synagogue in Tarnow
  • Mykwa - Jewish bathhouse
  • Goldhammer and Warynski Streets - signs of Jewish pre-war existance in our city that can be still observed today
  • The area of former ghetto
  • Market Square - the place of horryfying masacre of 3 thousands Jews
  • The signs of Mesusa

And something more:

  • Wooden churches built during Middle Ages that represent gothic style
  • The birthplace of legendary general Joseph Bem
  • Joseph Bem's Mausoleum in city park
  • XVIIIth century Manor Houses
  • Ruins of gothic castle at St. Martin's Hill